Desiigner - GLE

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Текст песни Desiigner - GLE
I be outside, y'all be lowkey
And I'm not no bitch, it ain't no ho' in me
She wearin' YSL inside my GLE
Try to run up on me, niggas gonna see
I be shootin' shots just like I'm Kobe
And that's all on me
Yeah, I'm hot as fuck, but my AP freeze
I be court side, y'all in the nose bleeds
I be outside, y'all be lowkey
She make it wet and she wanna drip it on me
I make her wet when she get inside my GLE
I hit my plug and I got to pick up some more PZ
And I'm ridin' 'round and I got that thing on me - Прослушать или скачать музыку
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